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Incorporated in February 2008, 'EBB and Folks' is a publishing company that publishes aviation engineering and science fiction/fantasy books.

The company likes to think of itself as having a modernistic, far-sighted and unique approach to publishing technical books that are at once both informative and entertaining.

The science fiction / fantasy books embraced by us bring a fresh approach to the genre being a departure from the classical idea of the 'dungeons and dragons' concept of fantasy.







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Aviation Engineering
Unique engineering books that are written in plain, simple English and lavishly illustrated with cartoons.

Science Fiction/ Fantasy
"The Adepts " series is a modern day sci-fi / fantasy weaving the tale of a group of extra-ordinary individuals who strive to appear ordinary but are torn out of their comfortable existence by events beyond their control.

Short Stories
A scattering of short stories ranging from the deeply philosophical sci-fi to the insanely humorous.